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Print Advertising For Attorneys

Print advertising for attorneys is certainly a specialized market. As with any other type of specialties, there are certain items that will be specific to this type of print advertising, which will be specialized to meet the needs of attorneys. Although this article will focus on the aspects that are specific to attorneys, many of the special needs for certain industries will vary.


Attorney advertising differs from other types of ads in that they typically will focus on a specific need. Typically, the potential customer will not recognize the name of the attorney, nor the law firm he/she represents. However, what will strike a chord with the customer is the ability of the attorney to portray a specialization in the need of the customer. In regards to print advertising, the ad must generate a feeling that the attorney was successful in representing clients in a similar situation as you are in at the time. Since there are different types of attorneys, these print advertisements will target a particular field. One of the more common print advertisements begin with the phrase "Where you hurt in a car accident?". These types of advertisements are common for both television, as well as print. These personal injury attorneys will then go onto convey that they have a certain type of skill in this particular field. Some print ads even go on to say, "The big insurance companies have lawyers on their side...".

Through this type of advertisement, the attorney is conveying the message that they have been successful in standing up to the big companies. However, other types of attorneys ay convey a different message in their print ads. For example, taxation attorneys have begun to market aggressively in print, online and through television ads. The message in these advertisements is that they have stood up to the federal government to get a settlement at a fraction of what was owned in taxes. In this way, the message in the advertisement is that the attorney has represented the little guy to successfully stand up to the big organizations with expensive lawyers.

Print advertisements for attorneys also have a unique characteristic in that they may have some information that are not typically included in other advertisement. This includes information about the type and locations of the attorney's certifications. In print advertisements, this may be hidden in the small type at the bottom of the page. In addition, there may also be a small disclaimer that reads something to the effect that the selection of an attorney is an important decision, which should not be made solely on the advertisement. In this way, the attorney is protecting their firm from misrepresentation.

Print advertising for attorneys is a special niche that has its own special features, which are not present in other forms of advertising. This advertising is success for the attorneys when it invokes a feeling within the potential client that the attorney has a focus on the type of representation needed by the customer. There is typically little brand recognition in this type of advertising. In order to protect the attorney from lawsuits, these print advertisements include a section of small print, which is designed to notify the reader about the specific qualifications of the attorney. As you can see, this form of print advertising is unique, but has proven to be successful in connecting the attorney to the client.


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