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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a recently introduced addition to the Advertising arena. Using this new channel, advertisers are able to take advantage of technological developments in order to get their product or service noticed. Traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards and magazines, are no longer the only forums to get the message across. Digital signage, which is also know as Narrowcast or Narrowcasting in countries outside of the US, can come in a variety of formats, including plasma displays, LCD monitors, organic LCD monitors (OLEDs), projectors, or other flat screen displays.


More importantly, the messages displayed on these screens can come from a variety of sources and now have the ability to be dynamically updated, which was not an option with magazines, newspapers, or billboards, without extensive and expensive advertising dollars. The most elementary source for the displays can come in the form of a simple player that can read simple MPEG-2 files. The benefits of these types of players are that they are relatively inexpensive and typically are small in size. In addition, the power consumption of these simple players is generally low. This can make the discussions with the property owner go much easier, as they will undoubtedly be concerned about how the addition of this new digital signage will impact their power bill.

However, one of the benefits of digital signage is the ability to update the displays dynamically. The internet can be used to access these systems remotely, in order to update what is being displayed on these screens. This will typically require a basic computer, a relatively good video card to display the resolutions required from the displays, and an internet connection. The internet connection used to be one of the most expensive parts of this setup. However, with the introduction of free internet services, the ability to put a digital signage company together is quickly decreasing, assuming you are willing to rely on the availability of a free internet connection.

In order to supply information on a variety of screens from one source, a video splitter may be an attractive option for using the single video source to display on various screens. If you are planning on displaying on only two displays, a simple splitter cable may be a low cost solution. However, there are also powered video splitters from companies such as IOGear and Belkin, that will displays the same video source on 4, 8, or more displays. Using this method, you are assured to have the same display on various screens. This can greatly reduce the amount of costs associated with putting a digital signage company together.

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